The German Assistive Technology Association (BEH e.V.)

We ensure the quality of assistive technology for persons with disabilities.

Ensuring Independence and Quality-of-Life

For many people, a disability may be compensated by using a technical aid. The result is greater independence and a higher quality of life. The BEH unites customers and assistive technology companies, helping to ensure that customers receive high-quality individual solutions, built to fit their personal needs.

Helping to Shape the Framework.

The constant exchange of information between our members enables them to react quickly to new developments in the health-care sector. The BEH actively helps to shape the framework for the supply of electronic assistive technology in Germany.

Our Goals

Ensuring quality solutions for our customers.
The main goal of our association is to ensure a high quality of individual care for persons with disabilities by providing them with the best possible assistive technology. Through a regular exchange with affiliated associations, we help to ensure this customer-oriented care is in accordance with the German social law (SGB).

Representing our members within the health-care system.
The BEH is an association of the leading service-providers and manufactures in Germany and represents its members politically as an accredited top-level association within the German Health-care system.

Promoting innovation within the industry.
We promote innovation, research, and the exchange of knowledge between our members and other experts. By promoting a constant interdisciplinary exchange of information, we help our members to meet the highest level of quality standards in their daily work.

About BEH

The BEH has been a partner to health insurance since 1997 and is an integral part of many partner associations. Our experts are in constant dialogue with the other stakeholders in the healthcare system to emphasise the importance of assistive technology for our customers and for society.

Part of our mission is to inform others about our ongoing exchange with health-insurance, physicians, and other health-care specialists.

This exchange of knowledge is made possible at personal meetings, at congresses, in committees, as well as during political hearings. Regular newsletters as well as trade fair activities ensure the visibility of the BEH and its members.

The BEH provides its members with cutting-edge knowledge by providing training courses for its members.

A Strong United Voice
We strive to give persons with communication disabilities, visual impairments or blindness a voice. We wish to ensure that these persons have access to professional care and can enjoy a high degree of independence. To reach this goal, we need to represent the interests of our customers by speaking with a strong voice that consists of as many providers of assistive technology as possible.

New members are welcome.